Our company J.W. Furniture Production is located in the Czech Republic, in Northern Moravia, 4 km from Zábřeh na Moravě in the village Zvole.

We produce 'made-to-order' furniture produced from solid wood, old and new. To highlight the wood grain we also carry out 'distressing' via steel brushing. We finish the surface by waxing and oiling, which guarantees the furniture's faultless appearance. This coating is environmentally-friendly, very stable and also has anti-static properties.

We specialise in replicas of historic furniture made from old wood. This material is particularly suitable due to its historical appearance and originality of the patina. We produce furniture mainly for our Italian partners with whom we have many years experience. Thanks to this cooperation we are used to high quality workmanship and design.

All work is handmade so the furniture becomes an original and individual. We are able to fulfill almost any client requirements and carry out his/her ideas about the look of the furniture produced. For every piece of furniture you can choose your own dimensions, type of finishes, hardware types & styles, and decorative carvings.